Uncovered at Detroit Auto Show the HCD 14 Genesis Concept by Hyundai has it all that is required to make space in the line of future cars. HCD 14 Genesis, a medium-size luxury sedan, is a glimpse of Hyundai future plans. This four-door coupé features crisp lines and incredible smooth surface, named as “fluidic-precision”. A major highlight in this concept is rear-hinged rear door – giving a wide access to both pilot and backseat with both doors open. The interior focuses on big curves and lines and a big instrument panel meeting rear seats. The console in middle has a docking station for iPad and switches and buttons for different functions. Furthermore this concept includes the option of voice and hand-gestures commands for radio and climate control. An eye-tracking technology, replacing the traditional multimedia screen controls, registers every eye movement as command. Overall this concept has got very positive response because of its futuristic approaches but it is still under development and can take years to come out.