Menswear brands are, if truth be told, often much of a muchness which is why it is all the more rewarding when one comes across a brand that dares to be different and there are few out there who beat their own path quite as readily as a rather excellent London based menswear brand by the name of Hentsch Man. With an exceptional array of menswear to choose from which ranges from T-shirts, shirts, knitwear and trousers through to footwear and sunglasses, there is a wild side to the brand which has really made them one of London’s most talked about and well-regarded men’s fashion labels.

Vibrant in style with many unconventional designs which sets them well and truly apart from their contemporaries, it is little wonder that so many men are now falling for the not inconsiderable charms of this independent menswear brand. Originally founded back in 2008, Hentsch Man have come an extremely long way in a relatively short period of time – the label was founded upon the basis of wanting to create the perfect white shirt but has long since become an eclectic and much loved purveyor of all sorts of men’s apparel that ticks boxes from both a style and functionality point of view. An unmissable menswear brand for 2015.

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