Transparent Headsup! Display Puts Smartphone Apps In Your Face
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HeadsUP – A Transparent Smart-phone Integrated Windshield Display

“Ever heard of Tony Stark texting and driving?” No worries for busy drivers as NeXt introduces a Transparent HeadsUP! display that puts your essential smartphone features on the windshield of your car. Eye on road as good as on your mobile stuff like texts, calls, notifications, that’s really something interesting. It’s compatible with all iOS and android devices. Connectivity options with HeadsUP! Interface take in 4.0 Bluetooth, Micro-USB or Apple Lightning Wire. Built-in mics and speakers for hands-free calls, voice recognition system to compose texts, navigate or make calls, and Gesture Control to simply point to any app to be launched, the features are cool. Having no activity, it’ll become completely transparent until you receive a call or message. The colorful display is of 11” and uses TOLED technology whereas operating system is android and IR, Ambient light and Gyroscope sensors are featured. Stay safe while stay connected.

  • Transparent Headsup! Display Puts Smartphone Screen In Your Face

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