Headblade has released ATX Head Razor which looks like a toy tractor. A tiny shaver that fits into your finger and gives smooth surface to sly balds. HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor is easier to use than any other razor blades meant for head shaving and making you sly. This mini ATV razor can be used anywhere without a mirror. The new ATX Headblade favors a pulling motion rather than pushing motion, giving you a little more control over the blade. The open back is easier to clean than previous releases and the ATX also features a rubberized finger grip to make the grasp all the more exacting. The razor comes with two and four headed blades plus an adapter but you can also use HeadBlade’s 6 bladed head for serious situations. So girls! This can prove to be a great gift for your dad or your guy (for that silk like feel!).

Available at amazon.com for $15+