We all spend large proportions of our day glued to our various pieces of technology – whether this be a smartphone, MP3 player, Kindle or even a digital camera – and whilst these gadgets are almost impossible to live without now, there is one annoyance with them which is almost universal. Namely, the speed with which the battery life plummets to zero and we are left with a lifeless device that we can’t use until we reach a charging outlet.

Well, for those of us who use our gadgets with great regularity which is pretty much all of us, there is help at hand with this rather excellent and futuristic looking GP Portable Powerbank that will help ensure you’re not left in the annoying situation of a battery on the verge of hitting rock bottom and having no place to charge. Whether you’re looking to charge a smartphone, camera or MP3 player, the GP Portable Powerbank has got you covered as it is capable of re-energising more or less any USB device.

Simple to carry and highly effective, the GP Portable Powerbank is a must-have for those who use their various different devices heavily and want to make sure that they’re never without juice.

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Available at amazon.com for £54.84