Google Chromebook Pixel
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Google Chromebook Pixel

Google starts selling 13″ Chromebook, which has a higher resolution than the Macbook Pro with retina screen (2560 x 1700, 4.3 million pixels) and the aspect ratio of 3: 2, for 1299USD.

Despite the unique high screen, other specs are rather average. The computer has only 32 gigabytes of local storage, Core i5 processor, only 2 slow USB 2.0 connectors and the battery lasts only 5 hours of operation. The computer weighs 1.5 kg and protects the screen from scratches material Gorilla Glass.

Google sells two variants of notebooks that support different wireless networks and the capacity of SSD storage. Basic version supports Wi-Fi and offers 32 GB of data, and the $200 more expensive model has double the capacity and can connect to mobile networks 4th generation.

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