A new gadget named GoFar Ray promises to improve your car’s mileage by up to 22 percent. This also consequently includes spending less on fuel and driving safer. There is a clever mechanical engineering mind behind the creation of this eco-friendly gadget.

Every engine speed has a sweet spot which is an optimum throttle position. If we drive in that sweet spot, it maximizes power and minimizes fuel consumption, thus cutting emissions and saving money. However, finding that sweet spot is no way an easy job, unless you have this awesome car gear. GoFar has built-in sensors that constantly keep calculating your engine’s sweet spot and let you notify. When light’s blue, you are okay. But when it turns red, you’re wasting energy and burning cash.

GoFar also comes with an integrated app to let you control things easily. It’s an easily plug-in smart car device with a dongle and a Ray. If you are an office-going daily driver or just want to maintain the elements of your revving baby, this thing’s for you.

Available at trycelery.com for $149+