We expect from every virtual reality headset to make us feel fully immersed in the virtual reality. All of them have their own flair, putting on a side, and this FOVE is against all offers something ever new.

Enter the world of immersion that reacts to your eyes and emotions. In addition to the cutting-edge eye tracking technology mainly exploited in this VR headset, it also boasts high resolution (2560 x 1440) on a 5.7-inch display, wide field of view (100+ degrees) and head tracking sensors in big proportion.

It’s a simple game of target, aim and shoot, all done with your eyes only. You can look, laugh and even communicate with the virtual characters by making an eye contact, pretty much like the real world. FOVE incorporates custom small form-factor infrared sensors that bounce light off the retina of eye to record the angular movement of eye. Its unique algorithms precisely calculate the parallax between the eyes to enable eye-tracking.

FOVE does not require any high powered gaming rigs as it is PC compatible and connects simply via USB 3.0. In short, FOVE lets you experience precision control for more realistic interactions at the speed of thought. And, quite interestingly, this gaming hardware is available at a very affordable price, just $375. Game lovers need to back this project right now (because more than 1300 backers have already pledged $441k of $250k goal).

Available at kickstarter.com for $349+