Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber have designed the Envelop Desk, a graceful and classy piece of furniture for the Herman Miller to demolish the concept and cliché belief of the stationary desks. The adjustable and ergonomic desk can move up, backwards, down and forward to counter any kind of uncomfortable and hunched over posture nuisance. You can work with it at different angles of your desire. It is made of 53% recycled materials including steel legs, cutout infield section with black urethane, an outfield real section with laminate plus clear plywood edges and optional veneer surface with stained plywood edges. It weighs just 76lbs and 32% recyclable afterwards. Feel the bubbly excitement just like drooling over a Ferrari while working eight+ hours a day with utmost comfort. The desk perfectly works with the most comfortable Aeron Chair which itself sources multiple seating angles and rest positions.

Available at for $970+