Networking hardware wirelessly has taken a new dimension as the Boombotix Music Sync App makes public appearance on the Kickstarter. This amazing app syncs and shares the music from your iOS device to other iOS devices and even to portable speakers of your nearby friends. You practically act like a DJ when you set the music stream on your device and sync it with the Boombotix speakers (or other iDevices). Each device must have either any one of the connection like WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE networks. The app has 4 modes namely DJ Mode (that’s default), Listen Mode, Nearby DJs and Invisible Mode. In Listen Mode, you are just listener and get a live stream by any other DJ you like. Nearby DJs mode is just WOW because you connect with the channels of other DJs by proxy. In Invisible Mode, the app is just like a music player. Make unforgettable occasions like group rides, mobile surround sound, flash mob, gym fitness etc. The app is for iDevices so far. they are looking for releasing an Android version soon.

Available at for $5+