Day by day the trend of using bicycle to commute in urban space is growing, not only because of healthy fashion but also as the time-saving mode of transportation. In the same time the bicycle storage is an issue in small apartments. In the past we’ve feature various space-saving solutions for indoor bicycle parking, such as;

Shelfie Bike Mount
Bookbike the Indoor Bicycle Rack
Bike Dock From Flxble
Iceberg Bike Hanger

Indoor bicycle racks provide smart storage solutions and complements to interior as well. Another we’ve come to know is BERLIN+ Wooden Bicycle Shelf. Entirely made of Oak wood and finished in linseed oil this handmade bicycle shelf aims to provide quick access to everyday carry items. A panel at the right side allows holding items like keys, your favorite cap, jacket, backpack while the left side hocks helmet. Additionally it has a sleek compartment in center where you can place your “never-forget” journals or magazines or other items of your choice. The BERLIN+ Wooden Bicycle Shelf comes for €259.

Available at for €259