Volata is no different from other smart bikes, if you only see a Bicycle Here. What makes it different is its light weight design and advanced maintenance-free transmission. There are some inbuilt features in Volata, that you may want to install after purchasing an ordinary bike. This high-tech bike is San Francisco based and was initially designed in Italy. It’s fork is made of Carbon Fiber and the frame gets its strength from premium quality aluminum.

The integrated components that make it a perfect ride for next generation commuters include 2.4-inch LCD display built into the CNC Aluminum Stem, built-in lights that automatically turn on when its dark, embedded anti-theft system that uses GPS and motion sensors. The display shows real time stats of your position using Automated GPS Tracking System, your speed, time and distance covered, your heart rate, weather, music and a lot more. Since the agenda is safety and comfort, Volata bike offers Smart Controls feature that allow you to keep your hands on the handlebars and operate the display functions. You don’t always leave your phone behind. Don’t worry, Volata will connect to your Smartphone using a smart app and display incoming notifications. Check out the video.

Available at volatacycles.com for $3499