Velosight brings a rather convincing solution for cyclists to boost their visibility with their reflective decals collection when it comes to style and safety. Safety first, so does the slogan of Velosight go as ‘Get Noticed’. You are on your bike and a car is coming ahead, the driver will notice you first because of the stylish reflective decals applied mainly to the wheels and rims, or for more fun, on forks, top tube or down tube, handlebars, even helmet or anywhere. Now, they can’t say “I didn’t see you”.

Velosight decals are made of engineer grade 3M reflective material and come in a number of designs, shapes, colors, sizes and variety. Specifically, they are 31 in numbers and include designs like flashy, flower, chevron, chained, bike bandages, honeycomb, stripes, X marks, and more. As for colors, they offer eleven premium colors such as silver, ruby, orange, green, dark green and blue etc. to easily match your kind of style. And, they are super easy to apply as well, just like an adhesive sticker. Yet, they can withstand in all toughest conditions.
Apart from mini packed decals, Velosight also offers Rim Kit Sheets that includes 17 curved pieces per sheet to completely cover two wheels ranging 24-in to 29-in. That’s cool enough to make your bike Sharply Visible at night or on cloudy weathers.

Available at for $3.99+

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