Entirely built from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the Bare Naked D8 GTO is an intensive take on the high end street-legal automobiles by famous Dutch sports car manufacturer Donkervoort. What an entire carbon fiber edition boasts the most? Obviously, the curb weight of 1500 pounds.

And if with this weight D8 GTO hits 60 MPH in less than 3 seconds, with the top speed of 168 mph, this circuit machine definitely has more to boast about. Donkervoort has not launched D8 GTO to be the first carbon-fiber car, nor do we have such lightweight car for the first time. Lucra, for example, went more traditional specifically in weight with their LC470 2013 Model.

However, the design of Donkervoort D8 GTO appeals more as it genuinely looks like Darth Vader’s personal track baby. D8 GTO houses inline-4 Audi’s 2.5-liter TFSi engine producing 394 hp. No big deal, hun? It takes only its aggressive pose and lightweight to move our heads. It’s not here to rip off our heads as per a truly devil drive like other automobile makers well boast (Lambo… it’s you we’re talking about).

The interior is in the same way decked out and all done in carbon fiber, may it be highly bolstered seats, dashboard, window frames and doorsills.

Available at donkervoort.com for $143,000