When it comes to healthy living food is the major consumable category we care about but in reality its the air we consume more than food, 247 and 365 days from birth to till death. But hardly few of us consider the quality of air we intake. Not because we don’t care enough but because there is no such device for regular people to measure the quality if air they inhale. Atmotube is a small portable, actually wearable, device that continuously monitors and notifies about air around us. It has smart sensors that catches environment changes in real-time and sends notification to a smartphone companion app. The Atomotube’s sensor is capable of sensing wide range of volatile organic compounds, humidity, temperature and harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide. The app also provides the aggregated environment data in a map so that you’ll know the pollution status of different locations. Currently in Indiegogo funding campaign the Aumotube can be bought for $85.

Available at indiegogo.com for $85