Here comes china’s answer to Oculus Rift. By making some major improvements in the tech used in Oculus Rift, ANTVR beats the Oculus Rift and SONY Morpheus in number of ways. For instance, the headset is equipped with full HD display (1920×1080) projecting on aspherical lens using 4:3 aspect ratio and throwing approx 1.03 megapixel on each eye. Whereas, Oculus Rift uses the Spherical lens that causes image distortion. Morpheous? throws 90° diagonal view, unknown aspect ratio and we don’t even know what kind of lens is used in Morpheous. Interestingly, there are 2 x 9 axis IMU sensors in ANTVR for head rotation and movement tracking (Rift and Morpheus only have one). Apart from the resolution and field of view i.e., 100° diagonal view being the same in both techs, ANTVR has a built in positional tracking system that helps keep the user from feeling dizzy while gaming. The thing that actually makes it universal is its compatibility with every 2D/3D Games and Movies. In addition to a headset, you also get a Gun, video box and a joystick; convertible to a standard controller that can even be used as a steering wheel, Wow! Unlike Rift (for PC only) and Morpheus (for PS4 only), This ultimate Virtual Reality Gaming Kit supports PC/XBOX/PS/BLU-RAY/ANDROID platforms. Campaign ends in June 23 2014, so better hurry up and back the project!

Available at for $300