Meet 70s Honda CBX disguised as badass rebel of roads. The CBX which was continuously being ignored on the showroom of a Parisian dealer got adopted by guys from Bad Seeds Motorcycle Club. The result of project is achieved by borrowing various parts from other breeds of motorcycles, such as the front is snatch from a Suzuki Hayabusa and the fuel tank’s a modified Harley Sportster part. The seat is taken from Honda CB900. And the rear set is plucked from Suzuki GSX-R.

The pipes you’re seeing under the machine are no ordinary but six-into-one exhaust system by Kerker. They say it’s used, probably stolen from some other bike. But they promise the tire are all new from Bridgestone. The front has most of hand-made parts. Honda CBX originally owned 1047cc inline six-cylinder engine producing 105 bhp and it remains same in this project. [via]