Over the years we have seen a number of personal electric vehicles since the electric vehicle revolution. The new innovative URB-E Lightweight Compact Electric Vehicle is the most packed in stylish but potable electric e-scooty ever made for urban mobility. You can easily fold up the Urb-E like a mini suitcase and can roll on the wheels like a baggage. It runs on Lithium-ion battery and connects your last mile from a train or a bus or even from a parking area to your office or apartment. It can travel up to 20 miles on full charging in one go with the top speed of 15 mph and the recharging time is about 3 hours. The Urb-E is so small that you can put it in between your legs while travelling on a train or a bus or even on a car. There are two models of Urb-E, Commuter and GP are available in 6 different color options. How you find the founder of the Urb-E, Grant Delgatti calling it a mini-Tesla of the new age?

Available at e.com for $TBA