The ElliptiGO manufactures elliptical street bikes. The innovative elliptical design provides the user with the ability to simultaneously drive and run. Conceived by a former Ironman Triathlon athlete Bryan Pate ElliptiGO is a best substitute for performance. The ElliptiGO Arc is the only affordable and lightweight product available today that actually emulates the experience of running outdoors while eliminating the impact on the joints. While the product is based largely on the movement of the elliptical trainer but its not simply “an elliptical on wheels”. It has been carefully designed to mimic the performance when running do we exercise combining with an elliptical. The result is a hybrid that offers the benefits of both sports. The ElliptiGO Arc weighs only 37lbs (16.8kg) and comes for $12,99, which is way less then predecessors.

Available at for $1299