A new protective catastrophe proof case has been revealed by Pelican ProGear and is called Vault Retina iPad Mini Case. This case is an exclusive and ingenious, multifunctional design that is both strong and unobtrusive. It is the perfect case for those who mind a plastic sheet that interferes with their interaction with iPad mini’s touchscreen. But it does have a firm plastic hinged wrap that serves as an iPad easel-style stand, a solitude shield, a gloom screen and a stiff protection for your iPad’s screen when closed. It has Silicone rubber thin layer within the cover so that when the case is closed it crafts a water resistant seal by fastening it tightly with Elastomeric Copolymer rubber interior to absorb daily bumps and bruises. The CE3180 Vault Case s is available in 3 different colors.

Available at amazon.com for $74.95