If you’re somebody who likes to keep up to date with all of the current trends in the fashion world, then you definitely need to be keeping an eye on which watches you should be wearing in 2016. In recent years, watches have made a comeback on the catwalk. Check out these five watch trends that you need to look out for this year when deciding on the style of your next new watch.

Go Retro
Retro watches have made a major comeback in recent years, as have retro styles in general, and 2016 is a year for sticking to this style. If you want to look in touch with recent fashion, then accessorizing with a retro watch is definitely the way to go. Depending on the style and brand you choose, retro watches can also be a cheap but stylish option. Watches made from brands such as Casio have been flying off the shelves, their digital dial and old school functions are still a must have in the fashion world.

Simple is Best
With classy and professional styles being the go to in 2016, staying simple with your choice of watch is definitely a wise choice. There is no need for anything too fancy, with too many functions and overcrowded displays. All you need is something that effortlessly tells the time while giving off a feel of sophistication and classiness. Go for something with a larger dial but simple display to follow this trend perfectly.

Smart Watches
Smart watches are the in-thing in 2016. More and more phone companies are releasing products which work alongside their handsets, and they are becoming ever more stylish. It’s never wise to buy the first generation of a product as they often come filled with software bugs and functional issues, but smart watch technology is a must have for 2016 to ensure that you’re up to date with trends in both fashion and technology.

Blue is the Color to Go For
This might be a surprise to some, but choosing a blue color for your watch will have you right in with the style trends this year. Go for a deep blue or navy and your choice of watch will both be trendy and elegant. Blue is a color which fits perfectly no matter what color clothes you’re wearing, which is why this color of watch is sure to be very popular in 2016.

Be Minimalist
Minimalism is a massive trend in 2016. More of us are choosing to style with fewer accessories that are classy and simply show our style. So along with choosing a minimal watch this year, in terms of design, make sure you style it on its own to keep up with how everybody’s doing it on the fashion scene.
No longer are watches just seen as a functional accessory, watches are now a staple fashion piece. These five trends are ones you must follow » Watch Full