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Stunning Microscopic Food Photography


Amazing microscopic food photography by Caren Alpert of San Francisco who is specialized in photographing food and ready meals. But a half years ago she decided taking pictures with an electron microscope. We now have the opportunity to look at how they look from zoom. [19 Pics]
1. Raisin (35-fold increase) 2. Salt (45x zoom) 3. Cauliflower (850x zoom) 4. Cookies with the predictions of the (150x zoom) 5. Black seed kiwi (320x zoom) 6. Dried tomatoes (250x zoom) 7. Caramel “Life Saver” (17x zoom) 8. Passion Fruit (32x zoom) 9. Chocolate Cake (320x zoom) 10. Pineapple leaf (85x zoom) 11. Vitamin C (50x zoom) 12. Raw almonds (110x zoom) 13. Shrimp tail (230x zoom) 14. Deep-fried onions (300x zoom) 15. Cookies “Oreo” (110x zoom) 16. Brussels sprouts (110x zoom) 17. Decorative sprinkled for confectionery (65x zoom) 18. An asterisk anise (14x zoom) 19. Blueberries (19x zoom)

Source: Caren Alpert official website

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