There are so many unimaginable phenomena of Mother Nature among which this tiny Glowing Beach at Vaadhoo Island in Maldives turns out to be truly wonderful and serene. The beach glows blue like a millions of tiny little stars deep in the universe due to the uncountable bioluminescent phytoplankton fireflies. These little organisms originate glowing light when they got intertwined. Just like when the waves crashes the on the sandy beach, their cell membrane responds to electrical signals then they glow blue. They also take shape of the footprints when the people walk on the beach. This amazing scene was confined by camera of Taiwanese photographer Will Ho. this phenomenon is in the news for quite a long time but the marine biologists have taken this under consideration very recently. Just imagine if we get to live on this beautiful and breathtaking beach, we’d take a moon walk every single night for the rest of our lives. Check out the Video!