This robot cannot do much. Sherman displays the time and makes people laugh. Conceived and developed by MB&F this clock is being produced by L’Epée 1839, the only major Swiss watch manufacturer in the high-price segment.
Its mechanism is based on a 148-piece linear eight-day movement by L’Epée 1839.

Spacer rings serve as the shoulders of this poor robot, while his eyes (bolt heads) are carrying the regulating organ. Movement plates and bridges form the skeleton and the body of Sherman. The hand-blown mineral glass helmet on his head offers a clear view of the mechanical brain, the regulating of the clock, which operates leisurely 2.5 Hertz. Sherman’s arms can be moved almost freely and with his hands he can hold items such as a pen or his own square winding key. His rubber crawlers are fully functional.

Sherman is 14.3 centimeters in height, 10.9 centimeters wide, eight centimeters deep and brings a weight of 900 grams on the scale. Sherman is limited edition dude. There are 200 palladium-coated, 200 gold-plated and 50 diamond-set gilded robot. And this toy comes for more than $13,000 dollars.

Available at for $13k+