Earlier this week, we shared Oto Cycles pretending to be motorcycles in style. But there is another one; Ono Electric Bicycle that seems to have drawn inspiration from the legendary Harley Davidson.

No need to pass the motorcycle license to buckle on these two wheels. Bringing a bit of madness in a sector often sanitized because normally companies focus on performance, the guys behind Ono Bikes has tried a mixture of genres. The result is a model with low seat and voluntarily raised handlebars. Ono Bikes are available on two versions, ARCHONT and ARCHONT Electric. Regular ARCHONT (20kg) is powered by paddles while the ARCHONT Electric comes with electric motor installed weighing 55 kg and capable of a top speed of 80 km/h. It goes 99 km on a single charge.

Available at onobikes.com for $TBA