Onewheel – iPhone Connected Electric Borad

Hoverboards are still futuristic thing but technology has managed to create rides with single wheels. See this funny electric skateboard, whose look you will not go unnoticed. Thanks to its large central wheel and the machine which easily shifts the balance from grass to road roads and even woods. Unlike other electrical skateboards OneWheel uses no remote control. The user adjusts the speed by tilting the weight of his body forward or backward. It can walk for 6 to 7 miles at the speed of 15k m/h. And it takes just 20 minutes to charge it fully. You can connect to the iPhone through Bluetooth application. With it, it is possible to know the state of the battery, certain statistics such as average speed, distance covered. But most interesting is that the user can adjust his board by choosing between regular and extreme mode for wild fun.

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