Who said working on table is tedious? MisterBrightLight table is a cool task-oriented table designed to provide collaborative or solo workspace and resourcefulness. It goes up, down, and reminds you to look at the activities in a smart way. A vibrant strap of LED light is installed all around the perimeter of the table which adopts different colors according to the situation. For instance, it turns to red to show others that you are busy and must not be disturbed. Moreover, it can tell you the calories consumed while standing on the table. MisterBrightLight table can also be synced with iOS app to create an even better environment. You can find room temperature, oxygen content, air humidity etc. The table features an integrated rechargeable battery and comes with a wireless charger for your smartphones. Further features can be tailored as per one’s need which will affect the price too. The price includes all the bells and whistles.

Available at misterbrightlight.com for $3,413