Apart from luxury sedans and sports vehicles, Mercedes Benz wants to be the part of your ball busting outdoor excursion with its Zetros 6×6 Expedition Vehicle. The boat is missing yet it needs your guts to handle its quad bike in its rear bay to fetch your dead hunt back to the base. The monstrous vehicle needs more than a few tents and spree around the bonfire. You are a Bear Grylls inspired hunter, and you are also an extravagant tycoon, get your hands on this luxurious six-wheel drive to cope with the wolves or Zombies, if the Apocalypse just happens. Under the hood lies a 7.2 liter diesel inline six cylinder engine pumping out 363 bhp and mountains of torque (over 900 lbs ft). Impressive interior boasts furnished kitchen, bedroom, two flat TV screens, Bose audio system, marble floor with hot water in bathroom, and many more.

Available at daimler.com for $TBA