Me-Mover is the new generation of stand-up sports equipment that intends to promote the physical fitness and healthy living. Me-Mover FIT provides a new way to exercise and allows the rider to use every part of body. The clever design doubles its functions both as urban commuting vehicle and effective fitness equipment.

FIT is an old product which first surfaced in 2014, you might have seen on internet. But now over the time it has got major improvements at the technical level, for example, optimized gearing improved, allowing users to quickly lower the resistance to acceleration. Me-Mover engineers reduced top gear ratio to pedal and increase the bottom, thus expanding the FIT pedal stroke. this new ergonomic design provides users with a better experience. The design improvements also include new adjustable handle allows the user to have multiple grip point selection, convenient location to find the best workout, and new water bottle holder and foot buffer zone, allowing users more comfortable when riding, and easy handling when not in use.

In addition to the above-described various improvements made to the FIT, the team also developed two new accessories, allowing users to freely adjust the personal fitness experience. New adjustable resistance exercise can change Me-Mover. FIT rolling resistance, allowing the user to set the desired level of exercise. Users can perform high-density fitness activities at low speed conditions, effectively simulate climbing exercise, or easy to keep up with the speed of a fitness partner. The user can set a simple home exercise accessory called “home trainer add-on” to make Me-Mover become fixed training device for indoors use. With these two addons the user can arbitrarily choose indoor or outdoor use, simulate climbing sports, and sports with other people with different training levels.

Since it first release it has won the support of many fans worldwide. Through its ergonomic stepping movement the users can exercise six major human muscle tissue, in particular, can strengthen the core muscles training. Me-Mover is not only ideal for fitness enthusiasts and beginners fitness equipment, but proved to be effective rehabilitation equipment for injured persons. With respect to the running and cycling, the force on the joints and tendons are more moderate. Users can use a natural stance, thereby avoiding neck and back strain.

The Me-Mover FIT is now available for pre-order via Kickstarter for $1199.

Available at for $1199