No, this is not another RC toy plane for your children. Designed in the USA by the engineers of SpaceShipOne the Icon A5 is a small seaplane. With its 100hp engine and lightweight design, it takes just 220 meters for take-off or landing.

It can fly at over 300 0meters above sea level over a distance of 725km. The plane has exceptional safety systems so that the aircraft remains stable at all times, even if the driver makes a mistake. It even has a feature that prevents it from flipping. At worst, in case of engine failure, a parachute deploys to cushion the fall from the plane. The designers behind the A5 clearly prioritized safety when they designed this new concept.

This versatile aircraft can land both on land and on water. The Icon A5 can be powered by aviation fuel or simply by unleaded gasoline, available at any gas station. Finally, retractable wings are the main asset of this modern microplane. Easily transportable by trailer, that plane ft in your garage. Estimated price is Icon A5 Plane is $189,000 and expect first delivery in 2018.

Available at for $189k