They say what you eat, makes what you’re. You might not agree with that. But what you will agree with is how you carry your i-Devices says something about you. The Apple loyalists carry their devices almost everywhere they go. The iCollection by Chivote is the answer of how to carry your iDevices in style. The iCollection by Chivote is made of genuine vegetable tanned leather. It comes in three varieties. The iPhone case is small enough to fit into the rear pocket. The one for iPad users provides extra protection and can be used as a stand with different viewing angles. The final variant is for 13″ and 15″ Macbooks. It engulfs the macbook like a second skin while, providing extra protection. It means all business as it turns into a stand when need be.  These chic and elegant leather goods carry your device with safety and suave.

Available at for 25$+