HiLO Lens Camera For iPhone
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HiLO Lens for iPhone

The most interesting thing about mobile cameras is not just capturing high resolution images, but it capturing the images with different angles and effects. “HiLo Lens for iPhone” is the one flipping lens that extends iPhone’s vision to capture multi-dimensional view. You just have to put your iPhone down and the surface becomes Tripod. The amazing piece of enhancement for photographers who used to capture motion on surface, HiLo Lens can be configured with iPhone 5, 4/4S and iPad as well.

The angels you can achieve are:
Low angle – great for photographing young children and pets
High angle – like a periscope for photographing over a crowd
Wide angle – choose wide or standard, for video and photos
Any surface becomes a tripod – just lay the iPhone down
Self portraits & group shots – with an adjustable shutter delay

  • HiLO Lens Camera For iPhone

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