ZEISS the long known German company to supply camera lens for Nokia phones now jumps into smartphones market with their line of snap on lenses called ExoLens. Perfect for photography enthusiasts the set includes three lenses – a wide-angle, a telephoto, and a macro. The size of lenses is small enough to fit easily in a pocket so you can make professional staff at any time.

Lens with 3-x zoom allows you to capture objects in the distance. You can get bright panoramic photos with a field of view of 165 degrees. Wide-angle lens is ideal if you need to capture a wide range of covering long distances. Of course, even the best lens of this kind will not turn the iPhone into a full-fledged camera. Nevertheless, compact lenses ExoLens allow us to make better quality photos.

ExoLens are made of soft plastic combined with a metal iPhone 6 casing, and the lenses are made from matte optical glass. The accessory is priced at $129. Lenes for Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge are also available.

Available at amazon.com for $129