Hexo+ Drone lets you access amazing aerial shots with a bare minimum: a drone, a camera and an app on your smartphone. Combining expertise in action-sports, movie-making, drone design and aeronautic software it has the potential to change the face of all kinds of Aerial Filming, making it dead simple. Hexo+ is simply a flying drone that uses instructions sent by user through smartphone app to the drone and use the instructions to remain on the course on the go. Set the framing (distance,height and angles) on your smartphone and lock your target, the drone does the rest; from auto take-off to auto landing, capturing slightest of movements in your wildest of stunts.No remote control necessary; HEXO+ automatically follows your movements. With lightweight, fold-able frame and legs, removable propellers and gimbal it can easily fit in a backpack. Up to 70 km/h – 45 mph top speed to track even the fastest subject. Wind tunnel test for improved aerodynamics. Hexacopter design and 2D brush less Gimbal to ensure vibration-free smooth filming. Fail-safe software features and six propellers mean a safe landing in case of a problem. Built for the best action camera out there. Its app has iOS and Android versions and features intuitive 3D framing or intuitive live view framing; favorite framing presets; subject framing lock; emergency landing.With this autonomous-intuitive drone aerial filming of difficult terrains and places is just going to be easy and more fun-remember that neighborhood watch drone from south park?,well just kidding. Watch the fun in the Video!

Available at hexoplus.com for $1,149