GRAYL Water Purifier promises to remove 99.99% of bacteria along with chemicals and metals from water in just 15 seconds. Designed for wilderness explorer this simple device unlike other water purifiers uses no pump or gravity to filter water. Instead it uses an ionized mesh and activated ultra-powdered natural carbon to eliminate germs and metals. And finally an integrated anti-microbial agent suppresses the germs growth when water is filtered. This keeps the filter clean for multiple uses.

Cleaning water is easy. All you’ve to do is just fill the water in outer container and then place the stainless steel cup into it. By putting a little pressure downward the steel cup pushes the green filter to the bottom. And that’s it, your 16 ounces of clean fresh water is ready to drink. GRAYL Quest Trail Water Filter ($59.95) is equally useful in activities like camping, fishing and hiking.

Available at for $60