OtterBox Outdoor Venture Coolers (2)

Unrule the Outdoors with New OtterBox Venture Coolers

Otterbox unveils their newest and bold outdoor product for this summer and it’s not a Phone Case! The OtterBox Venture Coolers truly has a modular customizable design that doesn’t only give you the ability to subdivide the inside but lets you broaden the area so that you can use it as a cutting board or a dry storage tray. You can even turn into a side table that can hold three cup holders. This Otterbox Cooler makes a sturdy and user-friendly for all outdoor activities that involve less hassle and more fun. Apart from that, the internal compartment can hold upto 25 quarts of volume without stuffing. The anti-slide rubber feet give it strong grip to hold on to imbalanced surfaces. Comes with lifetime warranty. Available for pre-order.

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