Old technology but systematically evolved in a new creation, the new Folding Electric GiBike Concept is the way of city life roaming and Sunday drives. The GiBike is built with sturdy but light aluminium material. It only takes 3 seconds to fold it in one motion. You can carry the GiBike like a wheeled-luggage to your home. It can runs up to 40 mph without pedaling with the included high performance Lithium-Ion battery in one go. The GiBike also features LED lights on both wheels that turn on at night to gain better visibility for safe ride. The GiBike is light as a feather but strong as a bull. You can even lock your GiBike from 10 feet away with Anti-Theft Lock System from your Smartphone through the Gi app and you can also connect your phone via integrated USB port.

Available at gibike.com for $TBA