DTV Shredder is a brand new off road vehicle that has a complete plan to surprise you with its powerful tank treads and other sports-specific features. Yeah, you guessed it, it’s a segway. But we suggest you to think it more of a segway. As you ride on it, your body movements will feel a happy conversion into smooth carving turns just like you’re snowboarding, thanks to their patented DUAL-CTV Transmission System. Add to it the aggressive tank tracks designed to smash any knid of terrain with high speed travel. Thus, DTV Shredder is actually a multi-application workhorse for adrenaline junkies worldwide to hunt down any military, farming, hiking, action sports or any other outdoor campaign. This is exactly what Ben Gulak, founder of BPG Werks, says “The idea was to merge the Action and Power sport experience a fully immersive off road ride like never before.

Available at for $TBA