The awe-inspiring city of Copenhagen harbingers an urban revolution amid a plethora of electric bikes flashing up on roads Copenhagen Wheels rear-red and seamless speed with curves and boost. As you start biking, sensors and control algorithms get its 350W motor activated via the pedals and the wheel will reclaim the power automatically from its integrated 48Volt lithium battery packed inside. You go uphill and you question how that’ll push. When the rider will pedal harder, the wheel pushes it itself too with power increased.  Wait, where’s your smartphone? Using their Superpedestrian app (iOS, Android) via Bluetooth 4.0, you can vary the level of power as required. App’s amazing that lets you lock/unlock the wheel, tracks distance, calories burned, and a number of other customizations. By the same token, going downhill or braking will make the wheel capture energy letting the battery store it, or say it regenerative braking. The wheel is up for pre-order and soon, they’ll make a complete bike available equipped with the Copenhagen wheel.

Available at for $699