In the wake of summer, Yerwal Shop offers Cool iPhone 6 Cases with multiple designs and material. And, they are literally cool. For fish lovers, they have Aquarium Fish Tank dynamic liquid hard case cover with moveable quickstand effect. This case has multiple color options such as blue, green, yellow and transparent.

Cocktail Bottle Shape hard case cover has dynamic green (or pink, yellow, blue and transparent) liquid which, when shake, creates bubbles. Yerwal Special Beer Glass hard case with yellow glowing beer looks awesome.

These iPhone 6 cases are made of hard plastic which is safe, lightweight and protective, so no worries about leakage of the liquid. One thing is common and pretty cool in these cases, the liquid. Play with it or touch it with your cheeks. Moreover, your iPhone won’t get hot either.

Apart from dynamic liquid hard plastic cases, Yerwal has a nice collection of wooden case that include carbonized bamboo hard case, cherry wood hard case, walnut wood hard case and tribal totem rose wood hard case.

Available at for $5+