Apple has launched the revolutionary and four-wheel-friendly next-gen product named CarPlay at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show via Volvo presentation. It is a complete iOS in-car dashboard just like a home screen display. The CarPlay is an app grid including a hands-free access to the principal functions like messaging, calling, listening to music, apple maps via using Siri and popular services such as Spotify, Beats Music, Stitcher, etc. For safer driving, you can only send texts through Siri and it will also read the reply back to you. The iOS dashboard runs on the installed hardware from the manufacturers so initially it will only be available in Volvo, Mercedes, Honda, Jaguar, Ferrari and Hyundai. The other car makers have acknowledged having the CarPlay in their future cars including Ford, Nissan and Toyota, etc. it is compatible with iPhone’s 5/5s/5c models.

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