Cool private planes are plentiful. But Aerion AS2 private plane outrun every other. The Aerion AS2 is indeed a private jet and not a commercial airliner but it will be again the first non-military aircraft that is able to break the sound barrier. And also the first of its kind. The unit is equipped with three jet engines and state-of-the-art aerodynamic design. The Aerion AS2 is quieter. In addition, it is designed so that it produces a much smaller sonic boom.

Currently Aerion has been AS2 aircraft preliminary design carbon fiber wing structure, fuselage and other components, and assembly of finished aircraft, Airbus will provide a key component of AS2 support. Aerion also expressed the hope that AS2 supersonic business jet, can carry out its first flight in 2021 can be tested, and the first aircraft factory commercially available version of the model in 2023. However, in a number of manufacturing cost considerations, Aerion AS2 supersonic commercial aircraft will each cost may be as high as $ 1.2 billion. So if Aerion AS2 goes smoothly is made ​​out, the number of airlines and the rich are willing to pay, remains to be seen.

Operator and vendor Flexjet worked for the development of the Aerion AS2 together with Airbus and NASA. The production of the jet has yet to start in the first half of 2016. Airbus is looking for a US manufacturing facility that can deliver the first prototypes in 2021 so they can be sold starting in 2023. Because even though the aircraft is not there yet, there are already 20 orders posted 113 million euros each.

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