Behold the elegant and prestigious Polk Audio’s new retro looking awesome design, Woodbourne Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a 2-way powerhouse of sound with pragmatic profound bass response for automobiles and home theaters just like another piece of furniture with the size of 7 inches tall, 24 inches wide with the weight about 18 pounds, for better blend-in. The rear panel is equipped with minijack, USB, Ethernet port and digital optical input; you can even connect it to TV plus DSP technology with Dolby processing and Smartphone plus 3.5mm analogue stereo input. For better audio quality the Woodbourne has 180W amplifier paired with two silk dome 1 inch tweeter and two long-throw 5.25 inch drivers producing sensational resonance. The classic finish, curvy edges and with buffed wood guarantee a fairly space in your elegant décor as compared to others.

Available at for $700