Pioneer is widely known for their supremacy in audio tech industry. Yet, they have just introduced another line of lightning port ear-buds and it couldn’t be any better. Besides being fancy & shiny earbuds, Pioneer Rayz Plus feature an integrated charging port that allows you to charge your iPhone while listening to the music at the same time. This time Pioneer didn’t only use the industry standard features to boast about their product. There’s also RAYZ APP, [Available at AppStore], in order to enhance the user experience with smart features e.g., Activate custom calibration of Smart Noise Cancelling, Equalizer, HearThru, Auto Pause, Eco Mode and more. The headphones are equipped with Avnera’s LightX technology that promises to take the least amount of power from your phone. Rayz have six built-in microphones and are capable of delivering better voice quality even if you’re surrounded by noisy machines. Smart button is also another cool thing that allows you to control different features of iPhone while you’re not looking at the screen. The headphones are compatible with iPhone 5 and newer phones.

The standard model [Without Integrated Lightning Port] is available at $99.95 while the Rayz Plus [Integrated Lightning Port] will run for $149.95.

Available at for $149.95