It’s a smartwatches world now and this new Pebble Time has done two incredible things last couple of days. First off, it just broke every record on Kickstarter like never before (except if we take Potato Salad Guy just as a case who asked for just $10 and got $55k, Boom!). Move the hell over, the world has thrown $19 million dollars right at the face of $500,000 goal. The Pebble colored epaper smartwatch is fully compatible with 6500+ pebble apps and lasts up to 7 days on a single charge.

So, what caused so much limelight and thrill in the minds of people? There isn’t one specific thing. The big news is its color display with a bit wider casing. Its brilliant voice recognition technology lets the user respond the notifications and incoming calls or texts. You can also send voice replies and short voice notes using built-in microphone, no less than a ‘dream comes true’ thing for a sci-fi nut talking into the wrist.

As thinnest as 9.5mm, this becomes even 20% less thin and lightweight as the Existing Model. You shouldn’t be worrying about the idea of wearing bulky watches in the coming summer. With a CNC-finished stainless steel bezel and casing grafted in by scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, you have a water-resistant Pebble Time with a new timeline interface, invulnerable to any breakage or harm.

Pebble Time features new cortex M4 processor and 6-axis gyroscope. With an improved backlight, always-on, it feels super cool to have readable screen in broad daylight. It comes with two options for strap, premium leather or stainless steel, though you can use any standard 22mm strap. As interesting as previously, they offer multiple options for glorious colors. Pebble Time is compatible with iOS 8 on iPhone 4s and avobe, and all Android 4.0 and above on phones like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and more.

You still thinking about the second thing? Well, the guys behind Apple Watch must not be very pleased with what’s happening now, meaning, Pebble time is happening now. It’s not that Apple Watch has less interesting features and user-oriented functionality. Instead, Apple Watch completely beats the Pebble Time when it comes to specs and features. However, Pebble Time intends future plans of more advanced features and hardware integration like heart-rate monitor in Apple watch and Smart accessory port for hardware hackers.

It’s just the price which has won the hearts of Pebble users, with no compromise on the quality of course. Also, another advantage Pebble wins over iWatch is of buying in bulk orders: two in $338, five in $845, 10 in $1690 and 30 in $5000.

Available at for $159+