Our most personal device yet. That’s what Apple like to say about their latest launch Apple Watch. The rumors of a smart watch from Apple have been doing the rounds since neanderthals stepped foot on earth or the dinosaurs, I’m not sure. Apple finally revealed Apple Watch in Cupertino on September to much appreciation and applause. The watch features a digital crown which manages the magnifying function on such a small screen. The crown on the Apple Watch can be used to zoom into apps by rotating or you can scroll seamlessly with it. The crown acts as a button as well and pressing it brings the device back to homescreen.

Apple has a created a tailor made OS for the Apple Smart Watch. The watch features a retina display polished with sapphire crystal which is the second hardest substance after diamond. The watch brings you every information on your wrist. You can glimpse the weather, next meeting in the calendar or your current location. It brings you all the notifications of mails, messages, calls instantly to your wrist. Even, the traffic conditions are a touch away. Siri is closer than ever, you can just raise your wrist and say, “hey, siri” and speak your query. Siri can dictate your messages, give navigation directions and a whole lot more. The Apple Watch also features a heart rate sensor and measures your daily physical activities. You can set your targets for activities and it will reward you when you achieve them.

The device taps you on your wrist when you receive a notification. You can also use this feature to share your heartbeat with someone, they’ll feel your heartbeat on their wrist. Apple has kept the charging very simple yet innovative. You simply need to hold the sealed connector near the back of the watch and it snaps onto it with the magnet in the connector. The watch comes in two sizes and three editions – Watch, Watch Sport, Watch Edition( polished with 24K Gold). Winter is Coming, so is The Apple Watch.

Available at apple.com for $349+