Imagine wearing a watch that is as tough as an army’s armored tank. This is exactly what Victorinox Swiss Army unveiled the much awaited Victorinox I.N.O.X on August 27. The watch is a celebratory product for the 130th anniversary of Victorinox. The watch imbibes all the features that are found in their line of Swiss knives of ruggedness, extreme toughness and eternal reliability. The watch went through tortures more extreme than a prisoner at a high security prison. It went through a mind-numbing 130 tests, out of which 30 were designed just to ratify that the watch is going to last a lifetime!

This Hulk of a watch can survive a 10 meter fall on a concrete surface or get trashed around in your washing machine for two hours. Not just that, it can live to see a 64 ton big a** tank run over it. It can survive a sandstorm, in case you decide to visit the Sahara. Inox watch can tell you the time even after being subject to 12 g-force which is equivalent to maximum turn in a fighter jet and more than what Apollo 16’s reentry felt like. Wait, It can also sustain temperatures ranging from -51 to +71 degrees, but we hope you never have to be in either of the condition. Inox is not just a watch but a life companion. The watch is a homage to the the rich 130 year history of the company. The word ‘Inox’ translates to ‘Stainless Steel’ in French and the watch is named aptly as the watch’s case has been stamped and machined in steel. The feature list does not end, this juggernaut has a single sealed peace dial and stamped indexes. The horns are protected and solidified by a crossbar and even, the crown is protected as is the crystal in the dial with an elevated bezel. To top it all of, it comes with a replaceable bumper protector made of silicon and nylon. The dial and strap will be available in black, khaki green and navy blue. Inox celebrates 130 years of Victorinox with 130 brutal tests to make it last at least another 130 years.

Available at for $525+