Trackbelt360 is a successful crowd-funded project on Kickstarter that aims to assure safety, comfort and versatility. It is more of a life saving utility backpack that rotates 360 degrees. The best wearable storage system for field workers, home users and even photographers, Trackbelt360 is the idea of Landano, a firefighter and photographer. According to him, he was in the clutches of death when the idea of Trackbelt360 was born. The idea was clever and so is the invention. The belt can attach any kind of pouch, holster, toolbag and lets you do all tasks efficiently and safely. The belt is featured with a ballistic nylon padded interior and surround by 360-deg resin track. You can mount any kind of third-party pouches or tool holsters on the track with built-in connectors. With TrakBelt369, you won’t have to be in a challenging hassle while standing on a ladder.

Available at for $60