Belgium based company Ressence shows off the successor of Type 3 liquid filled watch. The Type 5, the world’s first diver that allows getting time under water, regardless of the angle at which you set the watch.

Those who dive or even dipped into ever with the watch on your wrist know that beneath the surface of the water glass begins to act like a mirror. The problem made Benoit Mintiens the founder of Ressence to develop a watch that managed to win hearts of lovers of mechanical watches.

The watch consists of two sections. The first one is responsible for the indication. The components are submerged in oil 37.5ml. And that’s what it turned out to be a recipe for overcoming the effect of “mirrors”. The difference between “normal” watch and Type 5 can be seen perfectly in the picture below where regular watch is just reflecting. The second portion is separated from the oil-flooded “advance” mechanical calipers. Its regulation and winding is made using rotating rings lid. For the accidental changing in settings is protected by a security element on the side with the option LOCK or SETUP.

Looking at the dial in addition to the time you can see that the temperature of the aforementioned oil. Ressence here is based on a simple relationship that with increasing temperature, the oil expands and presses itself more strongly to the sensor, which translates the force to the indication on the dial. According to the manufacturer, the most optimal conditions are achieved in the range -10/+40 centigrade. The Ressence Type 5 (€26,250) diver watch is water resistant to 100 meters, shock-resistant and has better glowing substance used for dark.

Available at for €26k+