Parrot unveils the latest Oculus Rift enabled Bebop Drone equipped with an HD camera, GPS and image-stabilizing sensors. The Bebop Drone boasts 14 megapixels fisheye camera to record your adventures/spying missions covering 180° user-controlled vision in full HD mode. You can watch the HD videos live on your Smartphone (iOS and Android only). The Extended Range Pack comes with an included Skycontroller and more batteries allowing you to extend the WiFi range up to 2 kilometers. Parrot serves the basic purpose of optimum video quality by having numerous sensors giving it uncompromisable maneuverability and stability. Sensors like 3-axes accelerometer, 3-axes magnetometer, 3-axes gyroscope, optical flow sensor, ultrasonic sensor, pressure sensor and a vertical camera all of them are combined in an astonishing design to deliver incredibly stabilized 1080p video and unmatched indoor and outdoor remote flight experience. The drone is also compatible with Oculus Rift headset and the adventurous pilots would love to use it.

Available at for $TBA